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Calm It Down

To get a nice tan, hours of calmly walking barefoot along the soft, sandy beach in
thin shorts will not suffice. A little sitting is still required. Worried about burning
those legs on a sun sizzling bench? Stéphane Chapelet’s Emme bench offers
UV resistant seating. Having developed several partnerships with furniture
manufacturers such as Lab23, Stéphane Chapelet is able to bring his awardwinning
designs to an awaiting public. Award-winning indeed. The Emme bench
is made by molding a compound of polyester resin and high quality quartz
(granite), which has a white color but also comes in concrete grey, sand and
black in the QR2012 range and may have a polished or rough surface. Emme’s
cool, velvety and natural stone-like finish welcomes all.

Emme Bench / Lab23 by Stéphane Chapelet

Credits: Lucy Ann Cortey