Edited by Hans Hansen®

Nenufar is the Spanish word for ‘water lilies’. If you look more closely at Hans Hansen’s table ensemble, the reason for the unusual name immediately becomes clear.

The bottom of the Hans Hansen Nenufar table is softly rounded so that the middle is thicker than the edge. The soft and organic appearance of the tables by Hans Hansen is complemented by the oak wood material, which additionally is coated with a matte varnish.

The lower of the two Nenufar tables has a notch on the tabletop’s side. This isn’t just for the natural shape of the water lily table, instead also fulfilling another purpose: The tabletop can be moved into the leg of the larger side table, which lets the shape of the two Hans Hansen tables grow together, completing the image of two overlapping water lily leaves on water.

Both of the Nenufar Side Tables can be arranged in many different ways, as the smaller table can be slid beneath the larger one. Of course the side tables can also be used separately of each other.


Project | NENUPHAR low tables

Clients | Hans Hansen®

Year | 2016

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